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Aisha’s Way: Quit!

After building up a successful career in corporate retail, I quit. From the outside it looked as though I had it all: a six-figure salary, a house, a car, a loving family, frequent extravagant vacations – life looked great!

But what was really happening – I was exhausted, unfulfilled, cranky, over-worked, and paycheck dependent. I felt unsteady and out of control – like my world could unwittingly crash in on me at any moment and that I was somehow powerless in navigating the course of my life. I was anxious – living in what seemed like a parallel universe of puppetry. I was going through the motions with no true connectivity – all the while knowing that I wanted another way. Have you ever felt this way? 

But, the six-figure salary came with prestige, the house with a mortgage, the car with a note, the family laden with expectations (or so I thought), and vacations…well, vacations are awesome; but they are costly and require a lot of time in to get two weeks out. All things keeping me clinging to my bi-monthly paycheck. Then one day I read James Altucher’s article, “10 Reasons Why You Have to Quit Your Job” and I realized that my dependency was self-induced – I had options.

So, I sat down with my family – who (not surprisingly) responded with incredible praise and encouragement (see more abut Sharing Your Dream later in this series), sold the house, paid off my car, and took one (okay, maybe two) last big vacations. But the hardest part was being determined not to make decisions about my life through the lenses of other people.

And then I quit!

Aisha Pew is the co-owner and General Manager of the café.

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