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Closer to Our Dreams

How We Made Our Dream of Dovecote Cafe Come True

(and one important Secret way)

Usually, you only bear witness to someone else’s dream at the end of his/her journey – when it seems to magically appear with a “Ta-Da!” and a “Poof!” to reveal itself before you – without context or backstory.

How often have you heard about a new restaurant, bar, clothing store, dance studio, tech company, or ENTER YOUR DREAM SMALL BUSINESS HERE and wondered about the who and the how.

Most metaphors of life focus on the journey, not the destination. But, somehow those storylines don’t seem to apply in the business world, especially the small business world. Small business entrepreneurs are (understandably so) blindingly focused on the daily grind of keeping their doors open and their businesses churning. We often forget to pay homage to our journey and to share, not just the magic, but also the varied paths that we took to land at our Ta-Da!

The stories revealed in the “Closer to Our Dreams” blog series are personal introductions to the Dovecote Café team – the beginning of how (and why) we each made it here. We want to share, encourage, and inspire. Maybe one of these ways will even help bring you closer to your dream.

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Make sure to read about Aisha’s way on Wednesday, August 5th.

Thanks for visiting. See you soon.

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