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Gilda’s Way: Start Over

I thought I was done!  My child was raised, grown, and had moved out with a family of her own.  I was now retired – finished a career as a Social Worker that spanned two decades, three cities, and stayed with me as I moved from the North to the South and then out West.  When I hung up my hat, I must admit, I was tired.  I was tired and ready to relax.  Ready to do things that I loved to do – but somehow never had the time (or energy) to pursue. 

With my path, mind, and schedule clear – off to Culinary School I went.  Nothing fancy.  No big bucks spent.  No loans needed.  I found a great program at the City College of San Francisco.  I registered and I went.  6 am classes.  Kids young enough to be my grandchildren.  Homework!  But I kept going.  And again, I must admit, I was tired.  But a different kind of tired.  Excited.  Curious.  Hungry (no pun intended). 

I have always loved cooking – and I’ve been told that I’m pretty good!  But Culinary School poured so much in to me – flavors, lessons, methods, and techniques that I hadn’t known before.  It introduced me to people from around the world – all at various stages in their own careers.  It woke me up!  I wasn’t done; I was just beginning.

Cooking for people has always given me joy – it’s a way to love fully (and receive a little love back in return).  When school ended, I knew I wanted to use all that I had learned.  I fancied a place to create an environment where my customers were as happy as the friends and family members who have eaten around my dining room table.

So, I’m starting over.

Gilda Bain-Pew is the co-owner and Cusinière at the café.  

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