The secret way that we all converged to Dovecote Café, is that we shared our feelings, our wants, our dreams with each other.

We know that sharing is scary. There’s the fear that we’ll be judged, knocked-down, laughed at, and simply not supported. We worried that if we talked about “IT,” somehow our dreams would take a shape of their own and move from the privacy of our own imagination into something. Something known and unhidden. Something public. Something that we would now have to act on. And that was terrifying! We all felt it.

However, by sharing – freely and openly to the people that we trusted and loved, we began to give ourselves permission to believe beyond the present; to believe in the possibilities of our desires; to believe that we were deserving of our dreams. It allowed the Universe to hear us – and begin charting a path.

Another miracle of sharing is that it opened up space for us to be our full and authentic selves with each other – to be even closer. We became the Receivers of each other’s secret hopes and wishes.

And what we discovered was is that we had the same dream (in varying degrees).

Now we’re not only a family; we’re a team! And you know what they say…Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork!!

Stay Tuned and Keep in Touch…

We’re glad (and thankful) that you are part of our journey and we would love to be a part of yours.

Want to talk? We’re always here to share and receive dreams: 

Send us a message on Facebook (we have a 100% response rate); or email us at (Sunny Dove is waiting). 

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