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We're Officially Launched!

The tail end of the first month of the year is a great time to evaluate the direction in which our feet are pointed. The mayhem of the holidays have settled and dust has yet to form on our intentions and resolutions for 2016.  And so here we stand, fresh into a new year, saddled with goals and ambitions.   But, are our feet pointed in the direction that will lead us to fully execute what we aspire to achieve and who we aim to be?  And that is what we’re asking ourselves as a cafe team. And what I’m asking myself as the leader of this dynamic team.

At the start of the month, Randi Elizabeth, of Art of Healthcare,, led our team through a vision board workshop. She encouraged us to not only clarify our own individual desires, but as a collective to affirm and ultimately support the desires of one another.

The challenge that I had to deal with is that truly supporting the individuals of my team meant encouraging and validating transitions, even if it meant their transitioning off of the team.  So with my feet planted in the uncomfortable direction of unconditional support, I am excited to announce the transition of: my niece Yassira and our Cafe Assistant  Isiah, who are both focusing on the pursuit of a college degree; my Uncle Butch (the Pie Man), who is prioritizing his health; and our Cafe Manager, Nichole, who is moving on to work at a premiere restaurant in D.C!!!

Our cafe manifesto calls for us to be the makers of dreams!  It continues to be our vision for 2016. That is the direction we have planted our feet?  What’s your dream?  How can we support?


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